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Increase metabolism

Increasing ones metabolism is the holy grail of weightloss. It literally means you burn fat while lying on the couch. Exercise is the most effective long term method to increase metabolism. However, there are a number foods and food compounds that can also significantly elevate metabolism and burn fat.

Taste sensation

We are not ones for gloating but hand on heart, our products are the most delicious on the market. They are a divine combination of coconut, cocoa, vanilla and dairy creating a delightful taste sensation. Yes cocoa by itself is yummy. Vanilla by itself is scrummy. Combine the richness of casein and creamy coconut and you have a sumptuous concoction.

Health & Well-being

People invest in houses, property and shares but often forget to invest in their own well-being. Our health is our greatest asset and is the means to allow us to fulfil our dreams and aspirations. Whether you are a family man, a business woman or a sports person, your health is the key to your long term happiness, so you need to make the effort.

Radiant skin

Who doesn’t want radiant skin? It’s one of the first qualities we notice in each other when we first meet. Our skin is the physical representation of ourselves; it’s who we are. It projects to the world the extent of our health and vitality. Fortunately, our products have a number of ingredients that promote healthy glowing skin.


Powerful antioxidants​

Everyday we are surrounded by entities that harm the cells of our body. UV rays, chemicals, stress and even oxygen. These are often referred to as free radicals. They compromise the very structure of our cells and weakens it in the same process as rust compromises iron. One way our body protects our cells from harm is through antioxidants.


Cognitive function encompass reasoning, memory, attention, and language. Our cognitive development begins shortly after conception with billions of neurons connecting to trillions of synapses. As we age, these connections decline affecting our cognition. However, there’s plenty we can do to keep us sharp of mind and body.


Cognitive function

Reduce cravings

Don’t you hate cravings? You get them before you eat, after you eat and in between eating. It’s often that voice inside your head telling you to eat even when you are not even hungry. The main instigator of cravings are hormones. So understanding how we can manipulate our hormones is key to conquering appetite.


Lagging energy levels? It’s the symptom of modern living. Rising early in the morning, working hard during the day and then going to bed late at night. On top of that, some people even manage to exercise. Fortunately, our formula has specific ingredients to give you a burst of energy and vitality to give you the momentum you need.

Boost energy levels